Robert speaks the language of funk on his latest single, the appropriately titled “All About That Funk.” The cut is a gleeful throwback to the wide open bass and brass funk of the 1970s. The largely instrumental track features spacey keyboards, tight harmonized horn play as well as jazzy improvisation on the saxophone. Then, there is Harper’s thumb work on the bass. This is a fun and funky track that will have an air of familiarity to anyone who was partying ‘on the one’ back in the day. Check out “All About That Funk” here.

By Howard Dukes - Soul Tracks

All About That Funk (Reloaded)


All About That Funk is the 8th track from bassist Robert Harper's 2021 album titled "The Fonk Record".

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Now in 2021, bassist Robert Harper does his part to not only keep the genre alive but bring a new contemporary spin to this classic style, with “The Fonk Record.” This album has a great backstory, paying tribute to the late Wayman Tisdale, a former NBA star, and a smooth jazz bass guitarist. His album, of the same name, was a 12-year collaboration with Derek (DOA) Allen that was finished shortly before Wayman’s death to cancer in 2009 and released in 2010.” - Raul Amador

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