You know how this story 'ends'. You take the time to properly wrap your cables.  Yet, when remove the velcro, tape, or whatever you use, and throw out the cable across the stage, you often have a tangled and knotted mess that looks like spaghetti.

Your Cable Porter keeps the two ends of the cables separated, preventing them from passing through the coils or loops. The result is a knot-free and untangled cable, ready to use.   When you're done coiling the cable, you're done!  No need to look for something to secure the cable, because its already secured.

Cable Porters attach to your cable.  You only remove the amount of cable you need, leaving the unused cable in the Cable Porter.  Once your cable is coiled into the Cable Porter, you're done!  You don't spend time looking for tape, tie wraps, hair ties, or anything else, because the cable is already secured!

Open-handle Cable Porter

Closed-handle Cable Porters